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  • Member Help Resources and Information

    Lost your card?

    Follow this LINK to fill out a contact form. Be sure to put in the comments section that you need a replacement card. The required fields are in bold font, you do not have to fill in information about your computer.

    Workmans Compensation Information

    Office of Injured Employee Counsel  A free service offered by the state of Texas

    Texas Workmans Comp Resources  A guide and list for help

    Texas Workers Compensation Act  For some light reading

    Online Workmans Comp Claim form This links to an interactive web form as well as instructions on other types of forms available

    What if I get injured on a break? The Personal Comfort Doctrine: To be compensable, an injury does not have to occur while the IW is actually performing work or some duty for the employer. Such an injury may be found compensable if it occurred while the IW was engaged in an activity to administer to his or her "personal comfort." The Supreme Court of Texas has described the "personal comfort" doctrine in the following terms: 
    An employee need not have been engaged in the discharge of any specific duty incident to his employment; rather an employee in the course of his employment may perform acts of a personal nature that a person might reasonably do for his health and comfort, such as quenching thirst or relieving hunger; such acts are considered incidental to the employee's service and the injuries sustained while doing so arise in the course and scope of his employment. Yeldell v. Holiday Hills Ret. and Nursing Ctr., Inc., 701 S.W.2d 243, 245 (Tex. 1985). 

    Texas Payday Law

    The Law It is in plain Engish and easy to read

    Allowable Deductions from your pay Not just anything can be deducted from your pay without your written permission!

    Final Pay How they have to handle your final paycheck

    How to submit a wage claim If you think your employer owes you money, file a claim here

    Other Resources

    Guide to FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) This is a large file but it is easy to follow

    Pregnancy Rights in the workplace in Texas

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